Andreas Roos (PhD)
Translational Research in Neuromuscular Disorders


As a biologist by training I am working in the field of translational medicine with a main focus on neurodegenerative and neuromuscular disorders.

In order to understand the etiology of these diseases and to obtain a full picture, my work focusses on the identification of the genetic cause as well as on the discovery of the related pathophysiological consequences. For the latter purpose, various biochemical techniques including different proteomic approaches are applied by making use of in vitro and in vivo models as well as of patient-derived material.




Accepted Paper in Skeletal Muscle

Biochemical and pathological changes result from mutated Caveolin-3 in muscle ~ Gonzalez Coraspe JA, Weis J, Anderson ME, Buchkremer S, Münchberg U, Lorenz K, Carr S, Zahedi RP, Brauers E, Michels H,...   mehr


Accepted Paper in Molecular Therapy - Nucleic Acids

Comprehensive RNA sequencing analysis in serum and muscle reveals novel small RNA signatures with biomarker potential for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy ~ Coenen-Stass AML, Sork H, Gatto S, Godfrey C, Bhomra...   mehr


Published Paper in Journal of Proteome Research

Characterization of naïve and Vitamin C-treated mouse Schwann cell line MSC80: induction of the anti-oxidative Thioredoxin Related Transmembrane Protein 1. ~ Phan V, Schmidt J, Matyash V, Malchow S,...   mehr


Published Paper in Brain

JAK inhibitor improves type I interferon induced damage: proof of concept in dermatomyositis. ~ Ladislau L, Suárez-Calvet X, Toquet S, Amelin D, Landon-Cardinal O, Depp M, Rodero M, Hathazi D, Duffy D,...   mehr


Published Paper in Neurology

Multifocal demyelinating motor neuropathy and hamartoma syndrome associated with a de novo PTEN mutation. ~ Bansagi B, Phan V, O'Sullivan J, Mueller J, Duff J, Miller J, Gorman G, Roos A*, Swan L*, Horvath...   mehr


Published Paper in Human Molecular Genetics

MYO9A deficiency in motor neurons is associated with reduced neuromuscular agrin secretion. ~ O´Connor E, Phan V, Cordts I, Cairns J, Lochmüller H, Roos A. ~ Hum Mol Genet. 2018 May 1;27(9):1556-1564. Epub...   mehr