PD Andreas  Roos (PhD)
Translational Research in Neuromuscular Disorders

PD Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Roos

Research Coordinator - Dept. of Neuropediatrics, University of Duisburg-Essen 🡵

Scientific Officer - Heimer-Institute for Muscle Research🡵 (Dept. of Neurology at Bergmannsheil Hospital), University of Bochum

Adjunct Professor - University of Ottawa 🡵

Project Manager - NMD-GPS 🡵


Welcome dear visitor

As senior scientist I am working in the field of translational medicine with a main focus on neurodegenerative and neuromuscular disorders.

In order to understand the etiology of these diseases and to obtain a full picture, my work focusses on the identification of the genetic cause as well as on the discovery of the related pathophysiological consequences. For the latter purpose, various biochemical techniques including different proteomic approaches are applied by making use of in vitro and in vivo models as well as of patient-derived material.

I'd like to invite you to discover my field activity and related projects.

Best regards

Andreas Roos



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Recently accepted paper

Bi-allelic variants of FILIP1 cause congenital myopathy, dysmorphism and neurological defects.
Roos A*, van der Ven PFM*, Alrohaif H, Kölbel H, Heil L, Della Marina A, Weis J, Aßent M, Beck-Wödl S, Barresi R Töpf A, O’Connor K, Sickmann A, Kohlschmidt N, El Gizouli M, Meyer N, Daya N, Grande V, Bois K, Kaiser FJ, Vorgerd M, Schröder C, Schara-Schmidt U, Gangfuss A, Evangelista T, Röbisch L, Hentschel A, Grüneboom A, Fuerst DO, Kuechler A, Tzschach A*, Depienne C*, Lochmüller H*.
April 2023, accepted for publication in Brain

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